At ITS academy we understand that education and training coupled with maximum hands on experience, are essential to the total development of the student into a successful hairdresser and salon team member. Your ultimate employability is a key driving factor to success



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Our hairdressing school was established in the outer suburbs of Melbourne in 2004. Since then, we have grown and shown continuous improvement in all aspects of our hairdressing training. We have developed into a well respected and valued hairdressing academy in Melbourne.

Our hairdressing academy in Melbourne is one where we tailor our training and education programs to allow the individual to grow in confidence, enabling them to begin their chosen career in the hairdressing and beauty industry. Individuals will be seen as professional hairdressers enjoying successful employment as a salon team member or salon owner.   

Hairdressing Melbourne

In our hairdressing school we are continually working towards achieving better results for our students and therefore, for the hair and beauty industry as a whole. Training in our hairdressing academy in Melbourne is sought after by hairdressing students and salons alike for our small class sizes, excellent theory training facilities and our practical “hands on” approach both in practical sessions and in our fully functional hairdressing salon.

Hairdressing Schools Melbourne

The hairdressing courses we currently offer in our hairdressing academy Melbourne are…

  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant
  • Certificate III in Hairdressing
  • Hairdressing College

Watch this space for further hairdressing courses to be added to our scope in the future such as Certificate IV in Hairdressing and Diploma of Salon Management to mention a few.

You may be able to receive Credit Transfers depending on your prior training & qualifications. Your current training could be accredited with some of the subjects complete prior.

If you would like to know more about this, please contact our hairdressing academy Melbourne…

ITS Academy on 9738 0836 and we would be happy to discuss this further with you.

We are a renowned hairdressing academy in Melbourne. Our Melbourne Hairdressing school offers to our students an educational environment to grow. Its helps them learn and enhance their skills. We offer to our students the best hands on experience they can get as our hairdressing college in Melbourne has a salon they can work in giving them the real world experience of dealing with clients, booking appointments and the like. Come visit our Hairdressing College in Melbourne and enrol today.

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